Friday, February 6, 2015

Giving thanks

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! The focus is on gratefulness, something we can all stand to focus on more. There is no pressure of major decorating, gift giving, social obligations . . . just lots of being thankful and eating great food. What could be better?

Living many many hours away from our families, it is often not really practical to travel for the short Thanksgiving break Russell has for work. We have enjoyed family visits throughout the years, but we have also had many opportunities to enjoy Thanksgiving with good friends. Which is so much fun! This year, our friends Christy and Matt and their kiddos joined us for a day of playing outside and eating a smoked turkey from our favorite barbeque restaurant. Christy and I made sides and it was just a wonderful day!

I didn't take many pictures. Really, this whole pregnancy, I haven't been doing great on taking pictures (or cleaning bathrooms or really doing much of anything beyond the absolutely necessary). There is a reason why this Thanksgiving blog post is being published in FEBRUARY. Just the same. Here are a few snapshots!

Rockin the kids' table!

My girls both agreed whole-heartedly that the best part of Thanksgiving was Miss Christy's pie! And homemade whipped cream. Yeah, I can't say I blame them!

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